Profit from higher returns

with the innovative DXC heater from Winterwarm

Saving energy

Closed combustion circuit --> no CO2 added from combustion in the poultry house so less ventilation needed --> reduction of installed heating capacity and decrease of the gas consumption.


Closed combustion circuit --> no water vapour added from combustion in the poultry house, therefore drier litter. This results in a healthier chicken.

Higher returns

The reduced energy costs and better bird performance make the installation of DXC heaters very attractive. Return on investment can be realised within 3 years.

Innovative product

The DXC is a new heating concept for poultry houses, based on well-proven technology. The design is robust and efficient.


DXC Heater

As a totally new heating concept, Winterwarm presents the DXC heater, especially developed for application in poultry houses. The  technology is based on a heating concept that has already been succesfully applied in the industrial market for several years now.


Characteristics DXC:

  • Robust tubular heatexchanger
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Closed combustion circuit = no combustion gasses in the house
  • Combustion air taken from outside through a flexible duct system
  • Zero % CO2 = less ventilation = less energy = less costs 
  • Capacity: 80 kW
  • Low sound level
  • Extensive control possibilities
  • Reliable, well proven technology
  • CE-approved
  • Easy to clean and service