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Winterwarm ACM - Modular Air Curtain

A modular air curtain with a high air volume and low penetration degree. The modular construction makes it possible assemble an air curtain for each door width. 

Installation of an air curtain behind a door which opens and closes regularly, contributes to a reduction of the gas consumption and improvement of the comfort.

Independant research has shown that energy losses decrease with 60% tot 80% when an air curtain is installed.

The air curtain not only seperates the cold outside air from the warm inside environment but also transports the warm air underneath the ceiling downwards, thus optimally profiting of the warmth already present in the room, without using anymore gas. People who work in the room experience less draught, therefore their comfort level increases.


The ACM is very suitable to apply at large warehouse doors and above loading platforms. But also as an "invisible"  partition between, for example, an assembly hall and the warehouse, when the temperature in the warehouse can remain a couple of degrees lower than in the assembly hall. 



  • Modular construction
  • Applicable (horizontally) for doors with max. heigth of 4,5 m.
  • Vertical and horizontal installation possible
  • Installation in front of an overhead door is possible
  • Provided with a Gurney-flap*
  • Reduction of heat loss 60% to 80% 
  • Adjustable louvres
  • Low weight
The ACM modules have a width of 50 cm, so for each door a suitable air curtain of the correct width can be assembled. The modules are connected by means of a plug. The ACM can also be mounted vertically to the floor and blow out horizontally, so for any height of door there is a suitable ACM possible, too.  Per air curtain one assembly set with end plates is necessary.
When the air curtain should be wider than 5m. an extra support should be mounted in the middle. For as well horizontal as vertical installation, a mounting set is available (see accessories)

* Gurney-flap: this extra louvre provides extra control on the air current which results in a higher air speed at floor level and, therefore, less penetration of the outside air.

A correctly installed air curtain creates a barrier which covers the door opening completely. The opening is influenced by the differences in temperature (inside/outside), pressure and wind overload.
This effect is highest at floor level so it is very important that there the air speed is still high enough to resist these influences.

Illustration of air flow with and without Gurney flap