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Winterwarm XR - Gas fired Unit Air Heater

The most innovative development on the air heating market today. Technically equipped for modern, industrial and commercial buildings, due to reduced overall dimensions and vast application possibilities.




The newest generation unit air heaters with unique characteristics:

  • ErP-compliant in accordance with the latest EcoDesign directive.
  • Horizontal and vertical air distribution: the heat exchanger and the premix-burner are constructed in such a way that the unit air heater can blow-out in any desired direction.
  • Gradient-control: two temperature sensors, one inside the heater and one in the working zone, measure continuously the temperature gradient when the burner is not in function. As soon as the temperature gradient gets too high (i.e. it gets too hot underneath the ceiling), the fan of the heater will switch on. This way the generated heat is utilised optimally. The unit then functions as a destratification fan; the number of destratificationfans can therefore be limited.
  • Comfortable: if the roomtemperature gets too low, the burner will switch on automatically. The modulating premix-burner then generates the precise amount of heat required together with the three-stage fan. This way a hall is heated in a very comfortable way.
  • Energy efficient: the above characteristics of the XR-range contribute to a very low energy consumption. Energy savings of approximately 15% are possible in comparison to conventional unit air heaters!
  • Installation friendly: because the XR is very compact, the heater is light and easy to handle. The weight contains almost half of its predecessors and the XR-range is almost three times smaller. Moreover the unit air heater has only two suspension points.
  • Modern: the XR-range has a modern, attractive design. In combination with its compactness this heater is a good alternative to install in “in sight” locations like showrooms, cafeterias, shops, etc.
  • Available capacities: 12,8 kW (XR 10) – 20,8 kW (XR 20) – 29,2 kW (XR 30) – 40,2 kW (XR 40) - 49,9 kW (XR 50) en 60,5 kW (XR 60).