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Air Curtains: effective heat retention

Winterwarm has recently introduced an innovative range of ambient air curtains designed to help minimise heat loss through open doorways.  Whether you are trying to ensue heat retention whilst keeping external doors open or wanting to minimise heat loss into unoccupied storage areas, air curtains can provide a solution that will help reduce energy costs.

Principles of Air Curtains

Winterwarm ambient air curtains (ACMs) force a flow of air across an open door using fan modules which incorporate a focussing plenum to increase air speed. The air is drawn from above the fan module (or from the side in the case of horizontal installations) to create a barrier to heat loss through the opening. If additional heat is required, this can be provided by a supplementary air heater, blowing war air above the fans, which is more flexible and cost effective than having an integrated unit. The two installation options are:

  • Horizontal Installation positioned above a door opening.
  • Vertical Installation positioned to the side of a door opening where roller shutters or building infrastructure limit positioning the units above the door.

Benefits of a Winterwarm Air Curtains

The design of the Winterwarm ACM make it suitable for a wide range of openings and building structures.  Key features of the design are:

  • Modular construction: This allows units to be assembled to an optimum length for any given door/opening
  • Integral connection points: This allows modules to be linked electrically by a short plug/socket arrangement (supplied with each module)
  • Lightweight construction with multiple mounting points: This allows flexibility of mounting method e.g. cantilever brackets or suspension by threaded bar
  • 240 supply: This can be controlled by a door switch so that the air curtain only operates when the door is open.
  • Speed control option: This allows the air flow to be optimised for any given installation

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