Garage, workshop and showroom comfortably heated with air heating from Winterwarm

Air heating is used often to heat a garage or showroom. The desired temperature can be reached very quickly.

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For both the garage and showroom it is important to heat the space quickly. Both gas-fired (XR and HR) and water based units (all WWH ranges) can be installed easily. 

The WWH series have the possibility to be built into prefabricated ceilings. There are 4 and 6 way plenums available providing an improved solution, especially in showrooms where often the height is limited. The WWH LT units are also available when using low temperatures (boiler, heat pump or any other hot water source).

Additionally, we recommend the use of Winterwarm ACM air curtains above overhead doors to prevent heat being lost from the garage or showroom.

The use of WCU destrification units or rendovent fans is also recomended to help equalise the room temperature, reducing the energy bill. The "summer ventilation' mode of these units can give a cooling breeze when temperatures rise in the summer.

Suitable products

Gasfired unit air heaters

The Winterwarm unit air heaters can be applied in almost every commercial or industrial building. They are energy-efficient, effective and comfortable.

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Air circulation

Application of destratification fans or (ceiling)fans ensures a good heat distribution and optimises the use of the heated air because the heat loss through the roof is reduced.

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