Air heaters in greenhouses are not only for heating the environment but also provide CO2, which is needed for growth.

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Greenhouses require CO2

The DXA and DXC gas heaters can be used in greenhouses. 

As an open flame heater, the DXA provides not only the required temperature in the greenhouse but also produces enough CO2 for the production of any crop. The investment for DXA heaters is relatively low, therefore, for a gardner installation of DXA heaters is an affordable ánd effective heating solution. Extra ventilation is often advisable in order to avoid too much CO2 and water vapour.

In cases where less CO2 is needed (dependant on the type of crop) the DXC heater is also a good and efficient solution for heating the greenhouse. It is even possible to combine DX and DXC to optimise CO2 generation. Both heaters are provided with the same type of control board so it is fairly easy to control both types of heater with one thermostat or BMS.

We do not recommend the use of oil fired DXB units in greenhouses as these heaters produce more pollutants.


Other suitable products

Warm-air heaters

Winterwarm has more than 80 years experience in the production and sales of direct and indirect unit air heaters including the recently introduced electric heaters. The Winterwarm unit air heaters can be installed in almost every industrial area and are effective, comfortable and energy efficient.

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