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Industrial Heaters: efficient products for modern buildings

Winterwarm has been producing industrial heaters for over 75 years.  Industrial gas heaters are both cost effective and comfortable, providing a pleasant working environment at reasonable cost.  Whether you are heating a factory, warehouse, workshop, showroom or just about any other building, there are industrial heaters to meet your needs.

Choice of Industrial Heaters

There are many factors to consider when selecting industrial gas heaters and Winterwarm can offer a solution to meet a wide range of requirements.  Factors to consider are:

  • Building structure: heat losses will depend on the construction and insulation level of the building – the better the insulation, the less heat input will be required.
  • Main function of the building: manufacturing processes which include mechanical extraction can significantly change the heating requirements and the choice of heating system.
  • Building use: open production areas will have a different need to warehousing which may have significant barriers to airflow.
  • Space and infrastructure limitations: suspended gas heaters will not take up valuable floor space and wall mounting may be necessary if the roof structure is unsuitable for suspending heaters.

Benefits of Winterwarm Industrial Heaters

Winterwarm is a leading producer of a wide range of industrial heaters and can offer various systems to optimise heating in industrial spaces.

  • Suspended warm air heaters:  These free up valuable floor space and with an output range of 10-150 kW can meet most industrial requirements.
  • Radiant tube heaters:  In buildings with a significant number of air changes (natural or from mechanical extraction) or where access doors are frequently open, radiant heating can offer a more cost effective solution.
  • Cabinet Heaters: Floor standing heaters give easy access for servicing and with a higher output range, exceeding 550 kW, can provide a cost effective solution for very large spaces.
  • Fan coil units: Using hot water from a central gas boiler, biomass boiler or even heat recovery systems, fan coil units can provide excellent warm air heating without the need for roof or wall penetrations (for flues).

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