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Industrial warm air heating

Winterwarm also offers a wide range of heating appliances for industrial applications: gas fired unit air heaters, radiant tubes, water heaters, cabinet heaters, rooftops.



The Winterwarm HR-EC is the most sustainable and comfortable gas-fired unit air heater available in the market. These units combine efficiency and comfort with many unique features. The units are fully modulating and incorporate a so called "delta-T" control. These features guarantee a saving in gas consumption of approx. 30 %. The HR-EC units are as standard equipped with EC fans with very low noise which also use less electricity.


A new generation condensing unit air heaters which combines the efficiency of gas fired unit air heaters with energy savings and high comfort. All Winterwarm HR heaters are already ErP-compliant for 2021!


Technically equipped for modern, industrial and commercial buildings, due to reduced overall dimensions and vast application possibilities.

The most innovative development on the air heating market today. Technically equipped for modern, industrial and commercial buildings, due to reduced overall dimensions and vast application possibilities.


When generating your own electricity or when gas is not available the Winterwarm electrical heater is a logical solution.

Heavy duty unit air heater, suitable for industrial areas, which has proven to be very reliable and robust. The whole TR-series is ErP compliant.



Industrial heater unit without fans for installation in a duct. The fan should be seperately installed behind the heater so the volume of air outpunt can be determined by the customer. Usually in this case also a duct on the front is applied. The TRD is provided with a flange for fastening the heater to the duct at both sides.


The TRA is a robust indirect fired industrial heater provided with an extra large axial fan supplying 60 Pa. available pressure. Therefore, the heater can be provided with a fanbox, dampers and filters, if necessary. This way fresh air can be transported into the room, possibly mixed with return air.


The centrifugal version of the TR heater can be applied in installations where a mixture of fresh and recirculated air is required, or only fresh air, and also for connection to ducting.


The Rooftop is a special version of the TRC unit air heater which can be placed on top of the roof.

Indispensable in well insulated buildings today! Three types of circulation units, with different air outputs and throws to suit individual requirements. Available as standard with AC-motor or with EC motor for extra low electricity consumption.

The Rendovent is a 3-bladed ceiling fan for industrial purposes. The fan allows an even heating of the room because it improves the air circulation. 

An air curtain which is unique in Europe because it is provided with a gas fired unit air heater as a heating unit.
The ACR keeps the warmth inside and the cold outside.
Suitable for doors from 2 to 6 m. heigth and 2 or 3 m. width.

A modular air curtain with a high air volume and low penetration degree. The modular construction makes it possible assemble an air curtain for each door width. 

A series of water heaters with a capacity from 10 to 80 kW and different discharge possibilities

A range of radiant tubes both in a linear or 'U' tube configuration