New price and product catalogue published

As of the 1st of September 2023 our new Price and Product catalogue has become valid. The latest technical changes and improvements in our heating program are presented in there. 

What's new?

The focus of Winterwarm is to be able to offer her clients sustainable heating solutions. In March the new Winterwarm hybrid heaters were introduced: the Qwikshift QSE and the Qwikshift QSG.

The Qwikshift consists of 3 components: a heatpump, a booster unit and a Smart Controller to optimize both. The QSE is full electric and very suitable for newly build industrial or commercial buildings, while the QSG is often advised for renovation project to replace conventional unit air heaters on 100% gas.
Directly to the Qwikshift? Click here.

For more common sustainable heating products Winterwarm as a wide range to offer: full electric air heaters, water heaters for low water temperatures or a normal gas fired unit air heater with high efficiency and low electricity consumption.