New range gas fired air heaters for agricultural market

Winterwam introduces a new range of direct gas fired air heaters, engineered for a fast and effective heating of poultry houses, pigsties and greenhouses. The DHX range is a successor to the well-known Winterwarm DXA-range and former Priva heaters.

The air flow has been improved, the combustion proces has become more stable, the control is modernized and the heater is even more robust while all components are placed in a splashproof box which has a display on the lid for service purposes. The gasvalve is placed in a protective steel box.
In short, the heater is resistant to most polluting and aggressive conditions and is also easy to clean.

In greenhouses these properties are less important; there, the CO2 in the exhaust air is used to help crops grow better.

We are very pleased that we can meet the demand of various agricultural customers with this new DHX-range which consists of 4 capacities (40, 75, 100 and 120 kW).