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TRA at GoJumpin

TR 150 and TRA 50

The TRA heaters are more and more in demand. These heaters with an extra heavy axial fan are constructed in such a way that a fanbox can be mounted behind the heater in order to take in fresh air from the outside. The only limitation is that no extra ducting is possible; the heater must be positioned directly to the wall.


TRA very cost-effective
Because an expensive centrifugal fan is no longer required, the TRA is a very cost-effective solution for situations where only fresh air intake is required.


GoJumpin wanted fresh air
At GoJumpin in Warwick they wanted the possibility to bring additional fresh air into the hall because of the high number of occupants during busy periods. Simply putting grills in the wall or roof fans would create cold air flows and that they did not want. The TRA was the perfect solution! The heater heats up the fresh air before entering the room preventing any cold drafts. 


The options for positioning the heaters were limited as over 80% of the floor area is dedicated to trampolines so heaters had to be located on the side wall where there is access for servicing. 


Complete heating solution from Winterwarm
Winterwarm UK offered a complete solution by combining 2x TR 150 providing the core heat, 2x TRA 50 providing external air and supplementary heat, and 7x WCU 60 destrat-fans ensuring optimum heat distribution. And because of the possibility to choose for the TRA, the  investment remained acceptable for the client. Check the complete project!