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Winterwarm UK Ltd.
Unit H3, Taylor Business Park
Warrington Road
Risley, Warrington
Cheshire WA3 6BL
T: +44 1925 765799 

Commercial register no. 2231586
VAT no. 483566217

Name company/location: Ambulance Service South West
Town: Torquay
Country: United Kingdom
Surface heated area: 45 m2
Volume heated area: 250 m3
Replacement or new building: Replacement
Activity (what is the hall used for): Vehicle maintenance bay
Desired room temperature: 16°C
Total capacity: 10 kW
Type of installed heaters: 1x TR 10
Recirculation units/ceiling fans: n/a
Year of installation: 2009
Special features: Heater controlled by MultiTherm C with external enable/disablesweich linked to motion sensor (PIR)
Remarks: Several locations have similar set-up, normally with a singe TR heater up to 28 kW.